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Wellness For Life: Healthcare Redefined

Founded by Doctors and Clinicians
Wellness for Life, unlike other workplace clinic providers, was founded by doctors and healthcare professionals who truly understand the dilemmas of the current primary care crisis. We also understand the criticality of the doctor-patient relationship to achieve optimum health. We know this not just in theory, but through decades of hands-on experience.

Our unique business model guarantees complete transparency and aligns our financial interests with your financial and medical goals.

Proven Track Record
In 2010, Wellness for Life opened a workplace health center for a highly visible public employer in Indiana.
Within the first year:
Two-thirds of all eligible employees and dependents visited the center.
The employer and its employees saved $1.60 in avoided medical expenses for every $1.00 spent at their health center.
There were also significant gains in employee morale, productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Value-Based Services

By leveraging the best methods, technology, and partnerships, we strive for the greatest value and work toward maximizing health outcomes by improving how local community medical resources are utilized by patients.

No Incentive in Specialty Referrals or Services
Unlike other workplace clinic providers, we have absolutely no financial interest in specialty referrals, selling expensive drugs or diagnostic services. This ensures that we focus on the optimum health of our patients.

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